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Keeping the brain healthy in later life

Keeping brain healthy with social interaction

As we age our brains change and it is generally understood that mental capacity declines. However as numerous studies have shown there are things you can do to delay the onset of age-related cognitive issues such as forgetfulness or memory lapses. By making a few simple changes throughout your daily life you can keep yourself healthier and happier.

Spending 20-30 minutes a day on exercise has proven benefits in helping the brain get more oxygen and reducing stress. Exercises for the elderly can include walking, swimming and even gardening. By keeping active you can maintain a healthier lifestyle and keep the body flexible and strong, and the mind clear.

The food you eat is very important and as you grow older your body still requires nutrients to heal and replenish. Many older people suffer from diabetes and high blood pressure due to their eating habits. Eating more fruits, vegetables and fat-free foods can help you stay a healthy weight, lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels which in turn allow you to function better.

Puzzles and games have also been shown to be very useful in keeping the brain active. By learning new things and ‘exercising the brain’ you encourage it to build more internal connections. A healthy brain is always changing and ‘refreshing’ itself based on how much you stimulate it and learn new skills. Joining a class is also a great way of learning something new and meeting new people at the same time.

Social interaction for elderly care
Social interaction is a great way to delay the onset of some age-related illnesses

Social interaction
We all require social interaction with other people through conversation, touch and group activities. Loneliness can be a major source of depression so building good relationships and maintaining them can help your brain stay healthy. Joining classes, meeting up with family and friends on a regular basis, and even volunteering can give you more opportunities for social interaction.

At Surecare Group we encourage all of our residents to maintain a healthy lifestyle which will help keep their brains as active as possible. We believe in giving our residents and their families as much information as possible to allow them to make better lifestyle choices. If you require any assistance or support please speak to one of our care home managers and we will be happy to help.