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SurecareGroup have been successfully running Nursing Care homes since 2003 and in under 10 years have opened care homes across the country. The reason behind the success is simple: quality care and real, honest interest in fulfilling the needs of our residents and their families. The SurecareGroup motto is Comfort, Care, Understanding – emphasising the most important aspects of our business.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide care to all service users to a standard of excellence which embraces fundamental principles of good care practice, conduct and delivery of quality care.

We are committed to providing the highest standard of care and support to our residents and their families and aim to be recognised as one of the foremost Nursing Care home groups in the UK.

Philosophy of Care

Care and support is the most important thing we offer to our residents and we take our work very seriously. We believe our service users should live in a clean, safe environment and be treated with respect and sensitivity to their individual needs.

To meet the client’s needs the care service within the home is designed to acheive the following objectives:

  • To deliver a service of the highest quality that will improve and sustain the service user’s overall quality of life. In this respect the care service is designed to meet the requirements of the recognised accredited Quality Standard, but in a people orientated fashion.
  • To ensure that the care service is delivered flexibly, attentively, and in non-discriminatory fashion while respecting each service user’s right to independence, privacy, dignity, fulfilment and the rights to make informed choices and to take risks.
  • To ensure that the service user’s needs and values are respected in matters of religion, culture, race or ethnic origin, sexuality and sexual orientation, political affirmation, marital status, parenthood and disabilities or impairments.
  • To ensure that the care service in whole is delivered in accordance with agreed contracts of care.
  • To manage and implement a formal programme of staff planning, selection, recruitment, training and personal development to enable service users care needs to met.
  • To manage the care service efficiently and effectively, to make the best use of resources and to maximise value for money for the service user.
  • To ensure all service users/service user’s relatives receive written information on the home’s procedure for handling complaints, comments and compliments, and how to use it.